There is positive and negative labeled on the term. It doesn’t have to be brand specific. They said they would. Real Knowledge From Real People. The wires are red and black, but I guess it is just the inner part of the white wire I see inside the control panel.

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Commercial applications such as gate control and parking lot access; restricted access to sensitive pharmaceuticals, weapons, supplies and more. Bi-directional LCD keyfob compatible with all major alarm panel brands.

Security Alarm Siren Driver Talking MVA 1000

Also, the guy I emailed is assuming its a “speaker” but I have no idea. Universal Keyfob Receiver Kits. Please login or register. I think I know the speaker you’re talking about, it’s a Moose product. I am going to attempt to install my new Vista 20p in the next few days. Can I hurt anything by hooking the old one up to see if it works?

NAPCO Technical Library

Honeywell Wave2 surface mount or Wave2F flush mount will do. The wires are red and black, but I guess it is just the inner part of the white wire I see inside the control panel. Residential applications Keyless use ideal for children; Memory-free for elderly; Easy Residential alarm and garage door control. There dont seem to be any talkinh wires for the speaker except that one set.


Keypad with built in wireless 32 pt. With children or employee-turnover – you can’t pass along a fingerprint! Real Knowledge From Real People. Visit Our Other Sites.

I have sjren electronic knowledge, and certainly no meter to test the ohms.

I had emailed a local company to find out if they would install parts that I purchase. Sirren looked at talkiing speaker. It looks like a tall smoke detector. How do I know which driver will nzpco, if that’s what I need? If you have a Gemini series panel like a Geminietc, they don’t have internal siren drivers.

Traditional interior and instant keys with the GEMRP1CAe2 Large soft touch backlit keys with tone Backlit displays for easy reading Wireless transmitter signal strength indication Fire, police and auxiliary programmable panic keys Fingertip reference chart.

A siren driver could very well be added inside the panel, though. You can make that speaker work by adding any siren driver of your choice in the new security panel. He replied saying “Just keep in mind that the siren that is on your Napco Panel will not work with the Honeywell panel, napco panels use a speaker and Honeywell use a siren” Is he correct?


Increases talkung security of the system Biometric ambush feature sends silent alarms. There is positive and negative labeled on the term. I have a siren in the hallway upstairs.

Photos of speaker and speaker connection. The old Magnum Alert panels had internal siren drivers, meaning the panel generates the siren noise and a voice announcement on the MA!! The Napco siren drivers usually had a green, blue, red, and black wire connected to them and are very loud. I couldn’t find anything googling the wms November 02, Easiest thing to do is replace it with an indoor siren.