I guess the psu isn’t the problem.. Please login or register. Please login or register. The sound doesn’t work inside or outside the case. This is a common problem that has been posted all over the internet, not just related to MSI branded motherboards.

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Where can I turn it off in the bios? Audio troubles are a new symptom soknd bent pins not heard of here before. Are you talking about a buzzing or hissing coming from inside the computer case, or from your speakers?

Thanks in advance, Pepie. Some cards do it worse than others, even brand new. Please login or register. After all that I enabled OC genie, and played some bf3.

I see no options for such with the bundled z77-agd65, only “surround” coughed up through a regular stereo format. Ok, i’ll give it a go. This is a common problem that has been posted all over the internet, not just related to MSI branded motherboards.


Hope some of you can help me figure it out. The memory is fine as this motherboard is a replacement for an old P67 board which didn’t have enough PCIe 1x slots for my hardware, so I’ve just migrated the hardware.

MSI Z77A-GD65 Motherboard

Corsair Dominator CL: They refuse to replace it because of bent pins? I’m pretty sure we could do an alignment analysis on s spund Board and find the same descrepencies. Recieved an email from the place of purchase.

If it’s coming out of your speakers, then it’s probably a grounding issue, like there is a solder joint touching the metal case. Corsair Dominator CL: Try increasing the dramv to 1. So it is only when I’m playing games.

Looking for help with audio quality for MSI Z77 GD65 MOBO , surround

If from inside the case, it could be the voltage regulators on your video card making the noise. Abula on August, Might want to also try booting with each stick solo in DIMM2. Could this be a hardware failure? I also appreciate you taking the time to help me troubleshoot. Sounds like a hardware failure then.


I am unable to get the backpanel to be detected at all. A quick question while i try your suggestion. Everything works except the audio, so it seems extremely strange that there were bent pins?

MSI soound Realtek drivers Latest 4. EDIT; I found it and turned it off in the bios. Usually it’s non functional DIMM slots.

That is because the ram is not matched properly or a stick is bad. It was a single 16GB kit – so 4×4. Thanks for the followup update.