The only special consideration is cable length. Essentials Only Full Version. He said you could tell who had the best cameras by the length of their warrantee period. Thanks, Mahlon 1 10 Replies Related Threads. Therefore we can now secure safe operation of our Firewire cable lengths up to 10 meters! Forum Themes Mobile Progressive.

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Mahlon I have a friend who sold high end audioaire for years. Thanks for the answers, guys. Wed Nov 20, 2: Not all but many I am sure Here is the problem I would guess it isn’t on firewire because there are hubs and extenders for it.

How bout a Kia? They are also very similar electrically, and both specify 15ft as the max cable length. Jim, just to be clear The only special consideration is cable length.

– Audiowire Cables

In fact, I think firewire lets you make quite a number of hops before it will disapprove. Thanks for the answers.

Sat Dec 29, 9: Smeghead Ars Praefectus Tribus: I bought a new cable locallyand my is working again. Just get a Firewire cable and be done with it.


It doesnt work the same as firewire I dont believe, but a regular firewire cable is what is used. Wed Nov 20, 3: Unibrain firewire cables do not only achieve a very controlled Ohm mout but also provide high performance for skew, attenuation and crosstalk.

I have very little idea where RS gets their stuff, these days. The leading cause of wrong answers is asking the wrong questions.

MOTU 2408 mk3 AudioWire Cable — Is it a 1394 Cable?

Audiowire is electrically close enough to firewire that I am sure it will work. Dec 25, Posts: Firewire cable works yes. Twenty feet might be acceptable. Exabot [Bot]Google [Bot] and 0 guests.

Does firewire depend on twists in the wire or other oddities ala mbit ethernet, or is it just 6 wires straight through, nothing special? MOTU tweaked the protocols a little bit to fix the problem and dubbed their stuff “Audiowire”.

Thanks, Mahlon 1 10 Replies Related Threads. Wherever you get it, make sure it’s fairly flexible; I’ve had an occasional issue with one that’s encased in a stiffer jacket, where it really liked pushing itself to one side or the other, or even a little bit out of the socket.


Honolulu, HI – a Brit abroad Registered: Forums Posts Latest Posts. At least, that is why I assumed it is an electrical thing.

Extending Firewire past feet (MOTU/Audiowire) – Ars Technica OpenForum

If firewire’s anything like USB bear with methen the maximum cable length specified isn’t there because of signal quality, but because of timing constraints based on the propagation delay of the signal along the length of the cable. I believe its standard Firewire cable Board index All times are UTC. The short ones were the best.