Candidates must be US citizens. They may also perform administrative and foreign training missions in a wide variety of climates throughout the world. Have you ever been found medically disqualified for a dive physical or any other physical at any time? Change 8, 27 May It is essential that candidates arrive fully fit, carrying no injuries and with a sound grasp of basic navigational techniques and swimming techniques.

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Have you ever been found medically disqualified for a dive physical or any other physical at any time? Reference a further describes each of the NEC codes: This involves the conduct a full-evolution milperssman exercise mission, from the initial tasking to launch point, combat objective, and final debriefing.

They should be in excellent physical condition and motivated to withstand milperxman rigorous physiological demands imposed by the maritime environment. They are subsequently assigned to a Special Boat Team to begin preparing for their first deployment.

Diving deficiencies.

On 01 Aprilthe SWCC enlisted warfare specialty was established allowing the Naval Special Warfare force to retain highly trained boat crews rather than have them return to the fleet after one tour. Have you ever experienced any middle or inner ear dysfunction including inability to equalize middle ear pressure, inner or middle ear surgery, ringing, dysequilibrium, hearing deficit?


PPD given with diving medical examination.

Can you get a waiver for Celiac Disease for the Navy Seals.? Have you ever had a migraine or other severe headache? They milperzman be exposed to arctic, desert, or jungle environments including survival in enemy controlled areas and all water conditions. Forced conversion from the SO rating shall not be used as a substitute for required disciplinary and or administrative action.

In the case of emergency leave, travel may commence immediately after the NSW Orientation is delivered milpersmsn three elements:.

NSW OCS | Welcome to the Warrior Challenge

Suitability for Assignment a. Submit a Request for Rating Conversion. Instruction involves a variety of teaching methods including group instruction, classroom-based and practical. Colour blindness is disqualifying. We are certain you CRS Report for Congress. Pressure Test, date completed: A recruiter will schedule: The following documents can be found within the various websites listed in the Useful Links Section below.

Applicants must be able to obtain a secret security clearance.

Can you get a waiver for Celiac Disease for the Navy Seals.?

Candidates must demonstrate teamwork and mental tenacity. This statement will include dates of active duty service and may include multiple enlistments, breaks in service, changes in grade and other information related to that service. Upon execution of an extension, the previously executed extension agreement for the course of instruction shall be canceled. About 45 days before a candidate separates, they should visit their local US Navy recruiter.


Personnel identified as having abused alcohol will be locally suspended by their CO from duty pending the outcome of screening, disciplinary action, or rehabilitation procedures as outlined in reference g.

Strong motivation, interest in the rating, and willingness to work diligently in the academic and operational training phases is required. SWCCs support and perform maritime special operations in open ocean, littoral, and riverine environments. You WILL feel the milersman after watching the physical and mental challenges these candidates are faced with.

Strength and conditioning plyometrics. Failure to maintain rating eligibility.

Academic training which includes: Generally, on the milpersmn day as the medical exam, candidates will sit down with a job counsellor to find out if they are qualified to become a US Navy SWCC.