Shop with I needed the software disk that came with this drive. This program will only work on compatible Windows versions, and is not for use on Mac computers. Maxtor OneTouch Backup Solution. Exos Achieve greater capacity. Maxtor’s OneTouch brand has been on the shelves for a while now, once you’ ve installed Maxtor’s software — Windows won’t recognise it by.

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Retrospect Express HD Update for Maxtor OneTouch | Seagate

Step 5 Follow the onscreen prompts to complete the installation. This file will install the English language version of the upgrade. Posted July 14, The only solution I was able to come with was to borrow a Windows laptop and install the software there. I compliant Performance Average seek time: Shop with I needed the software disk that came with this drive. Review this agreement, click on the I accept the terms of the license agreement radio button and click Next to continue. The Onetouch III Turbo Edition is preformatted for Mac users and comes by pressing a button that activates software included with the drive.

QuinStreet does not include all companies or all types of products retrospectiev in the marketplace. So I guess I will try reinstalling the software.


retrospectibe The Iomega Automatic Backup interface is a little friendlier, and it lets you select individual files for inclusion in adntz backup set and exclude files with certain extensions even if they appear in folders you’ve selected. And the scheduled automatic backup does not work either. I wasn’t overwhelmed with enthusiasm for the Express version sovtware the Dantz backup software that comes with the drive, but it does the job.

If your home office burns down, you still lose all your data. The OneTouch products have a button on the front of their sleek chassis that when pressed activates bundled Retrospect backup software from Dantz Developmentautomatically backing up your data.

SSD Boost your performance. Click Next to continue. Posted October 4, Play Enhance your gameplay.

New software, revamped interface makes back up a breeze. Hard Drives Browse internal drives. These are quibbles, though. Systems Deploy better infrastructure.

Product Review: Maxtor OneTouch Backup Solution

The new high-capacity OneTouch external hard drives from Maxtor make for a very simple small business datnz solution, and one that won’t break the bank. Play Enhance your gameplay. Step 6 The Welcome screen is displayed.

I inadvertently disrupted the software installation process after the drivers for the hard drive were loaded, but before the Retrospect Backup software had a chance to install.


Step 4 From within the English folder, double-click on Setup to launch the installation program. EMPower Get portable power. To prevent touuch kind of disaster, you need off-site storage — which introduces a whole ‘nother level of complexity.

Step 5 When the software finishes extracting, a window displays, notifying you that 11 file s unzipped successfully. Was enough for me to learn that one.

Product Review: Maxtor OneTouch Backup Solution

I’d rather not, takes forever but at least I still have all the original files on my internal hard drive. Good for general-purpose external storage, too. Choose the Right Drive. If you can’t afford network-attached storage NASthis expfess the next best thing.

Safely remove, power down, and then disconnect your OneTouch drive s from your Windows computer.