Teresa the how to for updates is in the manual,on line or on your disk. Tried to purchase Map update but could not get understood by the Rep in India or Pakistan, so I did not pursue, which is a good thing according to many people who have paid for the disc and cannot get satisfaction. Found out in order to get local street to show up , one must zoom down to about ft. But when I did get the right department, the guy told me to call back tomarrow that everyone has gone home..!! Unfortunately the new charger cable did not do the trick.

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It has a resolution of x pixels and is responsive to touch commands.

Magellan RoadMate 3000T

The latest jagellan seems to have helped extend that to only locking once a week. Tim – November 13th, BBetz – July 11th, I received a magellan T as a gift.

Feeling much better now. Walt – June 8th, Dianna – June 12th, Dianna, My main complaint with my T is the lockups. This is an accurate and very easy to use unit.

The important thing is that the RoadMate T accurately tracked our msgellan and provided some nice features to help with navigation. Save Password Forgot your Password? Thanks Phil Phil – May 11th, But when I did get the right department, the guy told me to call back tomarrow that everyone has gone home.!! This road is not new, been there for years or more??


Magellan RoadMate T Specs – Roadshow

I talked to magellan today to get a RMA number to send the unit in and to add injury to insult they are upgrading their customer service systems so no RMA will be issued until at the earliest Friday 4 days from today. Serves my needs just fine. Magsllan Magellan t stopped working this morning. Magellan packages the RoadMate T with a windshield mount, a USB cable, a cigarette lighter power adapter, and reference material.

I use the zoom often when travelingin and out. Once I figured out the difference and adjusted the number that was entered it took. I did ride next to someone on an airplane a few weeks ago who had a newer Magellan.

The DVD didnot work after 20 calls later. jagellan

Richard – July 1st, Hi…. Just follow the instructions and you will be fine. I am thinking of purchasing a T, I have borrowed an from a friend to try out. Also, there are quite a few custom Magllan databases you can download most for free into your GPS that people have collected. Jack — You can download it from here.


The internal battery of the RoadMate T is a li-ion rechargeable to enable multimedia playback when not in your car. BBetz – May 17th, BBetz, might want to check out the database in the Nuvi before you purchase it. BBetz – May 18th, Bogey Canada Posts.

That would be a Megellan T. The page Acrobat Reader manual is a Pain to search out, too bad mwgellan didnt actually send a real manual, other then a quick start 0300t. The keys are very sensitive it works best when attached to dashboard as opposed to held in hand since it is so sensitive.

Magellan RoadMate T Automotive Mountable | eBay

My Roadmate T, is a good buy. Load up an SD card with some music and photos and take advantage of the RoadMate T’s multimedia capabilities.

I just go off the phone with Magellan as well and they told me that there is no utility file for the series to reset the password. Tim – 3000t 11th,