Depending on range conditions, distance to target and visibility the centre of the reticle can be used either in a conventional manner as a 1 MOA floating crosshair or to bracket an area of the target. Lynx LX3 x56 Competition. As soon as it is part of our program, we will have a direct link to the product page here. Can be fitted to any LX or LX2 model riflescope. Can be fitted to any Lynx Professional “P” riflescope.

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Related Searches lynx lx3 x Lynx’s LX3s looking good! Lynx LX2 x 50mm M rifle scope is designed according to military specifications and provides high accuracy at long ranges with good reliability. The diamond-shaped aiming points are small and unobtrusive, presenting an uncluttered sight-picture that does not confuse the eye. Circular mil dots spaced evenly 1 mil apart on the thin lines provide an accurate range determination method used by military and law enforcement globally.


Lynx LX3 x56 Competition. My Cart 0 You have no items in your shopping cart. Tough enough to withstand everyday use, handsome enough Brand: Markers Paintballs Masks Accessories.

The grey markings illustrate the four 24x MIL-graduated steps. Low Power High Power Actual magnification 5.

Lynx LX2 5-20×50 Hunter Riflescope

Lynx Riflescope – LX2 4. Not suitable for hunting. Lynx LX3 x24 Tactical.

Lynx Optics Lynx Lx2 4. Reticle style that satisfies the needs of both hunters and target shooters in addition to presenting the shooter with a clean and ,x2 range-finding sight-picture. Tough enough to withstand everyday use. It is tough enough to withstand everyday use, yet handsome Brand: Other Riflescopes View All Riflescopes.

Lynx Optics :: Lynx LX2 x40AO

Gives the hunter elementary range-finding capability by representing 15 lynxx 30 MOA at 4x magnification across the thin centre section. The standard off-the-shelf model is fitted with a duplex reticle and variety of reticles options are available to be fitted in-house pre- or post-purchase, at a reasonable charge.


Can be fitted to most Lynx riflescopes. Find a store near you.

Lynx LX2 x50 Hunter. Strelok ballistic calculator download links: Tough enough to withstand everyday use, Brand: Lynx Riflescope – LX3 2.

Lynx LX2 x50 mm M Rifle Scope | Buy online –

Lynx Riflescope – Lx2 3. Can be fitted to any LX or LX2 model riflescope. Illuminated MOA 20 Competition Reticle Fifteen hash lx on each quadrant, 1 MOA apart with magnification set to 20x, facilitate versatile and simple aiming off points.

Detail view of the Mil Step reticle: All prices are in ZAR. Lynx LX2 x50 Hunter. Leave a Review Name: Non-illuminated reticle options standard model metal reticle German No.