That is VERY dissapointing, as logitech normally produce quality products. You have to lift the mouse too high to prevent motion sensors to detect motion. I have called tech support and they claim it works the way it is suppose to. What about this notion of having to replace the mouse at about two years, due to the sealed battery chamber? Intermittent left click issues forced me to call support and have them swap it out.

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After that all sorts of erratic cursor behaviour and lag appear. But seems to be fine now.

Logitech Mx Wireless Laser Cordless Mouse USB – M-rag97 | eBay

I was forced to purchase the Mircosoft Laser mouse. Rechargeable with a rapid-charging base station and a lithium-ion battery.

I can normally fix it by hitting both reset buttons bottom of mouse and base station. No lights, no nothing. What operating system and hardware, etc are you people running when you have problems with it?

The cruise buttons work properly and control the window the mouse is over. The buttons are also quite large so accidently catching another button is minimal. But lasers also conjure up images of destructive ray guns, a staple of science-fiction movies. That tells me that it’s a problem with the hardware receivers in the mouse or basestation and not really a software problem.


Last usable Setpoint version for this with Vista is still 3.

logitehc The case remains unresolved and my mouse continues to leave sticky black marks all over my desk! FastRF cordless performance that equals a USB corded connection, more info about this technology here. I would stay away from this product. Jaybird Freedom 2 wireless sport headphones.

Motion is quite smooth, but it randomly clicks buttons itself or sometimes doesn’t notice when the buttons are really clicked.

Logitech Mx Wireless Laser Cordless Mouse Pc/mac | eBay

It won’t scroll Visual Studio at all. Not suitable for my hand. This is really only an issue when gameing, but that’s my m1000 use for my PC. I use my mouse for a lot of programs to games like C.

DV Hardware review – Logitech MX1000 Laser Cordless Mouse

It took probably less than There must be something it is good for. It is a fantastic mouse.

Was a great piece of equipment until now. I thought it might be a simple job of repacing the laxer, but the plug has a sealed fuse. It doesn’t fit my hand properly and it’s useless for gaming.


Some are simply awesome, others difficult to live with. Pretty good mouse although, I’d recommend it. Again I took it apart and cleaned it and now it works perfectly again.

Or even worse”I work at best buy and we get a lot of returns”. In other words the mouse is dead! Ideally, you should recharge once it gets to red or even better if it diesthat way you get a full recharge cycle. I bought this mouse a few weeks ago at a local computer fair and when I came home I found the following things in the box: The MX will jump all over the place.