If you experience any problems, we recommend you upgrade to the most recent version of your distribution. If those two files don’t exist, then you’ll need to compile your source code yourself. Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows Vista users: Is there anything special that would need to be done to allow it to work with Wine? I added the modinfo to the original question yesterday after I commented.

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Is there any particular reason why no patch was sent to the linux kernel maintainers to get the gpio functionality of the CPx devices integrated?

Communicate with hardware using USB cable for Ubuntu

With no data-sheets available, this driver had to be produced by tediously analysing the protocol used by the windows drivers. The device IDs can be obtained by running lsusb and appear as hex numbers in the format vendor: Install the Serial Port Terminal. Project History The CPx driver is now distributed with 2. Is it not there? Step-by-step help would be very, very much appreciated!!! We have plans to release a library module that will allow CPx GPIO manipulation in Linux that will work in parallel with the built-in kernel driver.

GTKterm Setup the communication with a terminal window so that commands can be exchanged with the application running in the FPGA on the development board. Before you connect your Pololu CP device to a computer running Microsoft Windows, you should install its drivers:.


The last line, can be on your linkx another line, shows that the Silabs device on the Xilinx development board lihux been detected and that the drivers on the PC are running.

Turn the board on. CPx based devices have vendor programmable device IDs and it is likely that if your device is not being detected, the device IDs are unknown.

Brian is correct in that ther version of our driver with GPIO support has not been included in the Linux kernel due to some conflict with system level IO stuff I am similarly lacking in expertise on the details of all of this. Your computer will detect the new hardware and open the Found New Cpp2102 Wizard.

Of course, that’s a memory of a conversation from a few years ago – I’m not sure if things have changed that might allow us to integrate it now, or in the future. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in Request account. Privacy policy About eLinux.

Failing this, my contact details are at the bottom of the page, although I can not guarantee a timely response. You can also view this document as a printable PDF. Communicate with Xilinx development boards via USB.

Interface Knowledge Base

View document on multiple pages. Windows XP will warn you c2p102 that the driver has not been tested by Microsoft and recommend that you stop the installation. The important line for us is that telling where the driver connects to a TTY port, in this case it is line three “cpx converter now attached to ttyUSB2”.


Bus Device Feedback Comments or questions? I’m cp202 here GTKterm as an example but any other debug terminal program can be used. Please remember to accept my answer if it was helpful.

Installing CPx Driver? – Ask Ubuntu

This enabled support for hardware flow control to be implemented in version 0. CPx Composite Device The last line, can be on your system another line, shows that the Silabs device on the Xilinx development board has been detected and that the drivers on the PC are running.

Views Read View source View history. I have a GPS for geocaching http: Cause if they do, then you already got the kernel modules that you need, without having to worry about compiling this download.

This feedback has only reinforced my belief that using an open standard protocol for this type cp202 device would have made it more appealing to many product designers. Shop Blog Forum Support.