White Balance Settings The DC provides for a variety of lighting conditions, via its white-balance settings. Canon EOS 80D White Balance White Balance. Still it gets expensive to use if you use the viewer at all. The optical viewfinder is small and has no eyepiece correction for spectacle wearers, although it does have rubber cladding to prevent scratching lenses as you move around to get the full picture.

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In practice, we found that the “manual” settings tended to leave a little of the color cast of the lighting in the shot perhaps deliberately, to preserve some of the original picture’s mood.

The viewfinder is inaccurate with just a couple of marks for guessing parallax but, of course, you can always switch on the LCD and turn the DC into a SLR.

Kodak DC Digital Photography Review

I had read a couple of intriguing reviews which, in summation, stated that this camera was once so far ahead of its time that it belongs more in the “now” than “then. Like a computer, the ‘ now needs oodak “boot up” prior to use, in order to set up and initialize the various elements of its operating system. We will update this review to include a discussion of software when we receive our final production test unit of the DC We did notice some odd behavior of the LCD viewfinder though, when panning the camera to frame or follow a moving subject: The viewfinder also has the desirable characteristic of being relatively insensitive to lateral eye position: Brand index Kodak Kodak Compact Cameras.

To offset the long warm-up time, I found it best to leave the camera switched kdoak, setting the auto sleep timeout to its longest five minutes and kosak the zoom control occasionally to keep the camera awake. As with any digital camera, the automatic function can be a little hit or miss, kodakk that the camera doesn’t know what it’s looking at: It should come as no surprise then, that the user interface needs a lot of screens and menu options to manage all this functionality.


The picture quality of the DC is excellent despite the low megapixels!!! It looks very similar to that for the earlier DC, so you could get some idea of what’s offered by reading that review. When the memory status hits that level, you have full memory available for capturing new pictures.

Reproduction in whole or part in any form or medium without specific written permission is prohibited. Images to be moved are “marked” in review mode, and then the D2c60 to Album menu brought up kdoak effect the transfer. Alternatively, you can use this mode to quickly locate a specific image to view in greater detail.

Kodak DC260 1.3 mp

Have the Lens kit. Our test sample’s viewfinder was slightly biased toward the right-hand side of the vc260, meaning that the camera actually captured more subject area on the left side of the dc20 than on the right. The only faults I have is that it has too slow a shutter speed for action photos, the processing time was a bit slow, and the viewfinder collects stuff on the inside.

By any stretch though, the manual focusing ability of the DC is miles ahead of most competitors.

This material may only be downloaded for personal non-commercial use. Hard to use back then, now it is a simple usb attachment -connnect and download to pc or CD. See what other Imaging Resource readers have had to say about the DCor add comments of your own. Focal Length Equivalent to 35mm Camera.


XT2 with 56mm 1. It continued to use Kodak’s KDC file format.

Explore the links at the bottom of this page, to rc260 how well the DC performed, and how its images compare to other cameras you may be considering buying. DRG Unfortunately more users will be frustrated by the camera’s long power-up time than will ever use this facility. Increasingly, this quandary is being resolved by providing both, allowing the user to choose either, depending on the particulars of the shooting situation.

May Learn how and when to remove this template message. Pressing the center soft key reduces the image back d2c60 its kodaak size. This is a quite good digital camera of old ages, nice picutres and quite easy of use.

We have some hope of getting the USB ports working by the time we receive our production sample of the ‘, so hope to be able to report on the blazing speed of this interface at that time.

Kodak DC Overview – CNET

Due to the system problems on our Windows host machine, we weren’t able to verify whether we could move images bidirectionally on the DC or not. The “Digita” scripting language appears to open new possibilities for vertical applications such as real estate and insurance claims handling.

The LCD screen is large and clear.