Ryusei’s friend Jiro Iseki foolishly used a Zodiarts Switch, which self-destructed and rendered him in a coma afterwards. When Haru throws away his friendship bracelet into the river, Ran goes to look for it on her own while refusing Gentaro’s help. At the end of Episode 40, Tomoko is banished to the Dark Nebula after she discovers that the Virgo Zodiarts is actually Professor Kuniteru Emoto but is soon brought back after revealing himself to the other club members. While Inazuman’s design is based on the manga, the Zeber is a homage to the device that the TV version of Inazuman uses in Inazuman Flash. She starts to keep notes on Ryusei as she realizes strange things happen to him. Humbled, and with Gentaro’s help, Miu is reminded of her passion and returns to competing in the Festival despite the odds against her. Kamen Rider characters Kamen Rider Fourze.

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Since then, Yuki became what she refers to as a “space otaku “, called a ” geek ” by everyone else, fflash her dream motivating her reasons for attending Amanogawa High and occasionally going to the JAXA building after school.

This act was so Emoto, as Tachibana guise, can train Gentaro into using the Cosmic Switch through ruthlessness rather than friendship.

Kamen Rider Fourze Flash Belt 1.31 – YouTube

Believing she has nowhere to go except the Moon, and that her Zodiarts Switch may fulfill her dreams and become a new person, Gentaro takes her to the Rabbit Hatch to show her what the moon really looks like. Like Gamou, Tatsugami has a unique physique where he can use the Zodiarts Switches of other Horoscopes members, his natural fighting abilities allowing him to effectively fight better than their original Switchers.

He teaches Gentaro how to play the song he used to play to his son, which enables Gentaro to not only regain JK’s friendship and snap him out of his delusions, but also indirectly leading Gentaro to beat the Capricorn Zodiarts. Be sure to properly address their feelings.

Kamen Rider Fourze / Funny – TV Tropes

Though Chosuke would be an ideal candidate due to his history with Gentaro, his constellation is Pictor.

Rideg, being able to speed up bodily functions of a person means that he can easily revive someone as well.

He tells her that she has to stay true to her path in life, suggesting that she should try to balance her life both as a kickboxer and a teacher instead, just like how he is balancing his life both as a student and a Kamen Rider. He is forced to give Gentaro the means to become Kamen Rider Fourze and aid the Kamen Rider by providing him with his arsenal as well as acting as Gentaro’s tactician. Kamen Rider characters Kamen Rider Fourze. These conflicting sentiments lead her to a conclusion that one of them must fall, which ultimately leads her to have a final showdown with Gentaro.


As a result, Ryusei nearly gets himself killed before Gentaro arrives and fully accepts him as his friend. He also has a special handshake he does with his friends and is commonly used whenever Gentaro makes a new friend.

In exchange for returning the Fourze Driver, she asks that they take a picture with their most beautiful smiles together before they go back to school. She tries to prevent the Kamen Rider Club from going into space who were deceived by the Kyodain in their human forms.

Though she is well loved by many in school, Miu has a sense of superiority over the student body and sees those who are infatuated with her to be nothing but leeches, as to her, they only leech onto her for their own failure to shine.

In the end, Shun proposes to her but is soon enamored by a ring from a mysterious man. He has also made an enemy out of Hayami by not only insisting on being treated as an equal, but also belittling the principal at every turn. While this form usually uses Rocket, Launcher, Drill, and Radar Switches, he can switch each with other Astroswitches in different combinations via the Modules on his armlets and anklets. She comes off as an airhead with a hearty appetite, but is left in charge of the cheerleaders by Miu since there was are no other substitutes for the moment, while Miu decides to spend more time in her role as the Kamen Rider Club President.

Satake takes over the role of principal. In the end, having had constant battles with Ryusei since their first meeting, Tatsugami is defeated by Kamen Rider Meteor Storm and his body dissolves away into stardust. These actions are part of his ultimate motive to actually subvert Gamou’s agenda.

But once everything goes to plan, Hayami reveals his true colors fash taking a Rider Super Galaxy Finish meant for the Sagittarius Zodiarts. This happened twice in fact; first when Cancer Zodiarts managed to catch him out of transformation and second when murdering Gentaro.


Months later, Toshiya has not falsh to school and the Kamen Rider Club goes to find him where he tells them that he will not be returning to AGHS, despite the requests of his girlfriend Mari. The position fits her well as she is a born leader and capable of being level-headed under crisis, even more so than Kengo himself, shown where she is capable of keeping cool and flurze confidently even when a Zodiarts is terrorizing the place around her, and when she stops Yuki from revealing details about their club to save Kengo when he got trapped on the moon, never forgetting that their primary role is to stop the Zodiarts.

Movie Kkamen Mega Max. It contains copies of the Rocket Switch and Flaxh Switch. Playing an indirect role in bringing Natsuji Kijima into the Horoscopes’ ranks, not tolerating the newcomer’s blatant disrespect towards him on many levels, Hayami takes advantage of Kijima’s defeat by Kamen Rider Meteor Storm to get him sent into Kijima into the Dark Nebula while he gives Gamou the Cancer Switch.

Her fighting style is the same as Ryusei’s. Tomoko even sets up various magical fflash around the locker for additional “protection. With this newfound power, Gamou allows Hayami to stay so they can put his new power in recruiting the Capricorn, Aquarius, and Taurus Zodiarts.

As “Tachibana”, Emoto took his name from the legendary man who aided the first seven Kamen Riders: Ohsugi gives the club his approval to be a legitimate school club and becomes the group’s academic adviserstating that it his duty as a teacher to look out for his students and gaining the respect from the club members, and reconciling with the three he deems to be nothing but trouble.

True to the nature of his Zodiarts form, which is based on a star sign that takes the form of a scale, Hayami fourzs a habit of using terms related to weight like “light” and “heavy” when talking to others.