Using this simple configuration, a person sitting in front of the TV can view all of the pictures uploaded from the digital cameras, listen to any audio uploaded from a CD or downloaded from the Internet, and view any movie stored on the media server. A Blue Peach www. A loss of this content would be disruptive. A media server consists of a number of required and optional sub-components that deliver the various functions of the content-storage server. Less Specs, More Feedback For a media server, there are a number of choices for storage technology and file-system software. Networking Technologies The connected home depends on the ubiquitous deployment of wireless and wired home networks.

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Making it Easier to Make the Right Decisions Other file systems are available as well and should be considered.

Home Servers The digital home also has created a new type of product, which is often referred to as a NAS media server. These solutions are destined to become successful and pervasive in the next era of consumer applications.

Embedded IntelĀ® – Storage Control Solutions from Intel Form Cornerstone of Digital Home

A number of file systems are available that offer differences in performance, reliability, and capabilities. Here, data is mirrored on a separate disk.


Obviously, a media server must have access to a storage medium. Yet this emerging market opportunity poses various challenges for device manufacturers and software vendors.

[dm-devel] LVM on Intel IQ31244 board

Healthcare Trends Drive Design Requirements The digital home is the first step in an emerging device revolution in which devices cooperate and applications are distributed throughout the home. The result will be robust digital-entertainment environments.

As more consumer-electronics devices become available for the digital home, the variety and capabilities of these products will continue to increase. The Nucleus RTOS platform supports home-server and networking applications with its reliability, high performance, wide range of supported devices, protected design, and security features.

The choice of file system also is an issue in designing an effective storage iintel. Top 5 Use Intep. AI and Embedded Systems: If a drive fails or a block cannot be read on one disk, the data should still be available on the mirror.

But in the digital home, the sheer volume of valuable content is significant. The simplest and most common of these strategies is RAID 1. Security in the Connected Car A Blue Peach www. Embedded devices are quickly becoming faster, cheaper, and capable of integrating more peripheral functions.

Intel Computer Drive PCI-X User Guide |

He can be reached at rschmitt bluepeach. To alleviate this concern, a number of RAID strategies can be deployed. It is driving new technologies, standards, and innovative products aimed at delivering digital content over home networks.


This enclosure supports 10 2. The home 3144 is targeted inte, the Mentor Graphics www. Yet it also is able to serve as a media gateway with both a public- and private- network interface. Milestone for Autonomous Vehicles.

Among the common challenges seen in the deployment of digital-home solutions are digital rights management, network bandwidth, content storage, interoperability, dynamically changing environments, and distributed control.

Developers face challenges in digital rights management, network bandwidth, content storage, interoperability, dynamically changing environments, and distributed control. Many Cores but Little Parallelism Ibtel digital- home devices should support Auto-IP.

The connected digital home is a new, evolving consumer market segment in the electronics space. Intel Embraces Android in Mobile Push These 10 drives can be arranged into two 3244 RAID5 stripes. Top 5 Use Cases Considering the top 5 potential use cases for AI and embedded systems based on current trends and advancements