Many old bugs inherited from Hypersonic SQL were fixed in these versions. This simple application lets you execute SQL statements against a small database. This feature-packed software is completely free to use and distribute under our licenses , based on the standard BSD license. In-memory has been designed specifically for applets and, as you would expect, is the fastest mode. Simultaneous development on the next version, now designated as 1. It connects as user SA and an empty password:.

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Before reading this section, you should download the demonstration application. Second, they are too difficult to set up and maintain for your average desktop user.

RE: ODBC Access to Hypersonic SQL

This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site including, for example, the order in which they appear. Also, it is limited to a subset of SQL most notably, no foreign keys.

You can download the latest version from http: You can point us to the HSQLDB access code in your pre-release sources and we will look and suggest any simple improvements that may be necessary. The most useful one is the standalone mode where one application accesses the database exclusively.


The following code snippet connects to a standalone database called “demo” in the “db” folder. Furthermore, since it implements the JDBC interface, it provides some compatibility with existing code.

Hypersonic SQL: A Desktop Java Database

What is your company size? Download available from the file download page. Completely free of cost or restrictions and fully compatible with all major open source licenses. The Hypersonic SQL project stopped uypersonic in late and was closed in Point releases have appeared on average twice a year.

Since each record is automatically assigned a unique number, identity columns are ideal primary keys. Finally, the licensing costs can be prohibitive when doing a large-scale deployment.

There are few alternatives for standalone projects. Hypersonic SQL operates in one of three modes: The development is in its late stages. By the year and version 1.

The first release of 1.

Hypersonic Softwares

If the database does not exist already, it will be created automatically. What is your job function? In its current version it is extremely stable and reliable. We also rewrote the whole area of code that controls persistence and handles memory caching of disk based rows. Features such as compiled prepared statements, cascading deletes and updates where introduced.


Hypersonic SQL shines for standalone or desktop applications where its small size makes odvc difference. It offers a small, fast database engine which offers in-memory and disk-based tables and supports embedded and server modes.

Post a comment Email Article Print Article. We have maintained our leading position through continuous enhancements. Java source code and extensive documentation included.

Hypersonic Windows Jdbc Gateway Odbc Jdbc

The directories are listed below:. Please test this version and report any issues you find. Release Candidate versions have been available during and will lead to the release of version 2.

Work on version 1.