On the Default Properties tab, check the following: If you don’t want to migrate, try comparing the query plans ShowPlan debugging. I have no idea how this can affect the memory error, but somehow it works.. On the COM Security tab, check the following: Sign up using Facebook. Last post Aug 18,

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I always closed the excel file after creating it. Just as a remark, not as an answer ,icrosoft your particular question: I’m thinking that, maybe, switching to windows 7 64 bit windows might help, as that would give me more access to memory maybe. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Oct 12 The exce, table fills up to 2 gb and then throws this error. Sign up using Email and Password.

microsofy Last post Aug 18, An unhandled exception occurred during the execution of the current web request. ODBC export to excel errors. Follow this question By Email: Make sure that Excel and the workbook you are exporting to are both closed.


Its maximum database size is 10 GB. On the Default Properties tab, check the following: How much data are you talking about?

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Also, I know that the output of GLPK to Access through ODBC works perfectly, odbv my same exact code works perfectly for microsof smaller sized database I don’t get into the memory problems using that smaller database. Here is the code: After restarting the model, the computation runs ok for the same query and data set, but I quickly get the error again. I am wondering after creating the excel file you need to reboot, because windows still sees the excel file open in the temp folder?

Does any of you guys know how I can do either, using the same framework I’m using?? B ruce G ow. I am trying to connect a via nicrosoft ODBC data source in workflow that had previously worked.

I need to run the model for thousands of locations, but after tens of model runs I get the error: I have excel on my machine, and I noticed it shows excel. How much memory do micrlsoft have?

I do not use a web app, from what I have read about this error, it seems it can be caused by various processes.


You’ll have to work through it piece by piece. View Download Go to post. On the Default Protocols tab, check the following: It is possible that “reboot” is the real solution Are you trying to access a large file?

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When my application is running up to the memory problem, I think I have, maybe 0. Here are the Dead Chicken steps I took to solve the problem slightly modified from the steps listed on that page:. I read roughly twice the amount of data I write afterwards.

How can that be done, using the same framework I’m doing?

Sign in to reply to this post. Everything was already OK, except for 5b and 5d where I had to check Allow for some choices.