Sa pun mo beli laptop baru tp masih lg sa mencari2 ni yang bagus. Damn, di ruma pun masi mo buat kerja. Happy New Year to you too: Happy Tuesday, guys… and ladies. You know, like the normal ones on the sides or front. Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail. Pose dia ba tu power

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Ya ya hopefully can accomplish semua hehee So busy with work lately. Aki November 28th, at And I need to reply your comments in this blog. Borneo Geek December 1st, at Wabbit November 28th, at They only had two colours for this model which the other one is helobet. And I am an Acer person as well. Notify me of new posts by email.

I think their laptops are getting simpler. Recent Comments kay masingan: Bilang la, “Ko lahir tahun Sa pun mo beli laptop baru tp masih lg sa mencari2 ni yang bagus. Jan la ba bilang tua.


My name is Armstrong and this is my blog. Eh, sexy ba pula. And the OS is Windows 8.

Hasee BIOS Updates

Mine pun Acer juga, but touch screen punya lah hehe: The Protagonist My name is Armstrong and this is my blog. Happy New Year 2 u 2. JACQ November 29th, at Paling tidak untuk 1 tempoh ja lah. I might get one juga ni nnt. Yup, I finally bought a new laptop.

Hasee Laptops (Notebooks) — drivers

Naaa… Nice the design, right? Like Android phones where you have your own homescreen that you can modify. Acer lama sa besar haser berat.

Not too small, not too big. So, it now has the maximum RAM hahaa. Tidak convenient bah mo bawa jalan2.

looking driver for laptop 1malaysia

My current one, really no complain hehehe. Angel November 28th, at Harap ko sihat sana.

Ba, unboxing dulu sia. The only button besides the keypad are the mouse area is the power button.


Aiyo lambat betul o saya wish.