Any suggestions would be welcome. It is set to off now I could be off on what is actually causing the issue of course – I don’t know the inner workings of tvheadend that well. Getting the usual sats.. It will not Pick up the channel name or channel I have entered a few manually no problem But I really do not wish to enter them one by one I will give it a go shortly with the changes I’ve made.

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Anyways Thanks a bunch Bro I appreciate it It is set to off now In the configuration file from the muxes it is descriped as “stype”: Can you submit this as a feature request and I’ll try and get someone to look into it.

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I added your stype to it as well so with it you should be good to go. How do other linux tools present the data?

Hey Guys, Well this is Enlighting I’m running tvheadend from git, from opdenkamp’s repository. Hein, that sound sensible to you?

I know that many dvb apps have to modified to work cleanly with Dish. I am racking my brains here Now mind you I have not worked with linux since the Walnut Creek days Hats off to the Programmers and OdenKampf.

Needless to say alot of people are getting into it after the Captiveworks Insanity and all the crap they put people through i found some use for my cw4k heheh If i plug it into the xmltv it reads the info no problem There is something else i notice and i am not sure if linuxx relvent or not. If so, disable this you do not need this to watch tv, and check if it works with this option disabled.


Dish must do something differently i.

V4L/DVB (6037): Updated GenPix USB driver [Linux 2.6.24]

Notice the ‘stype’ of 0 for the channel not being read, where as the ‘stype’ should be 1 indicating SDTV. I am a regular over at satfix.

Tvheadend is working I can play the channels no problem. To get your channels mapped to sid, Linus wrote a patch that will do that — check the ‘features’ under developer section and search for it, or I can always send it to you.

I wrote the mux to disk so i could look at it.

Linux Kernel Driver DataBase: CONFIG_DVB_USB_GP8PSK: GENPIX 8PSK->USB module support

I have a few ideas about that but haven’t had time the last few days to look at anything. One genplx the problems is i am getting the proper mux but it is listing it as other I start the web service probe and nothing happens it will not map the services to channels Do you need more info??

I can manually map them but for channels its a bit much That is the only problem gejpix am having i got gempix xmltv setup and it works perfect when a channel is mapped. My Problem is it finds the muxes no problem.


I Really think that is where my problem is lying. Hello Hein, I am using the latest one git-ddb with all the patches it has the modified charset I am on ubuntu precise i version kernel pc I am using xbmc as the front end.

[linux-dvb] gp8psk-dvbs (genpix-usb kernel module patch)

I will give it a go shortly with the changes I’ve made. I did that because I heard about the character set being a possible issue. I had to hand number the channels I had to name the channels then i had to set the channels up for xmltv.

Ok in mediaportal when you are scanning if you have the scan time turned down low it will give you unknown channels Can someone please shed some light on this. I think you mapping fails because your services do not have a service name listed.

Well I spent the better part of the day reverse engineering through the code, since I’m not familiar with it. I can tell you Egnpix is an htpc section at satfix that rocks because of programs like this