FaxTalk also includes Caller ID and Distinctive Ring support for telephone lines equipped with this optional service from your phone company. OS X version is not available. Create custom cover sheets can be created using the included Cover sheet Designer. A Paypal account is not required. To ensure that Thought Communications continues to deliver innovative and reliable products at a reasonable cost to our customers it becomes necessary from time to time to discontinue older software versions, products or product packages that meet the guidelines for the FaxTalk software EOL policy.

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Will FaxTalk answer the phone when my computer is in sleep mode?


This bundle includes everything you need to start sending and receiving unlimited faxes. Does FaxTalk support using a scanner to scan documents when creating a morem Digital download download link sent to you via electronic mail within 48 hours and CD ROM delivered via postal mail.

You can also preview fax documents before sending and add annotations, rearrange pages, delete pages and verify the appearance of the fax document. Does FaxTalk provide any spell checking features? If you are still not satisfied we will provide a return for you contacted us within the 30 day money back guarantee window. Thought Communications will no longer provide download access to ESD software for the product.

El vendedor asume toda la responsabilidad de este anuncio. Requires optional service from your telephone provider.


Annotate, view, print, organize, automatically forward faxes to e-mail, and much more. Replace your aging fax machine or incompatible fax software with FaxTalk. Access your faxes from anywhere as you receive them. Send personalized faxes directly from Microsoft Word with ease. We accept all major credit cards that are accepted faxtal Paypal using eBay checkout.

Holidays Are there any additional fees to send or receive faxes from my computer using FaxTalk?

Produce professional fax transmissions with full color fax preview and annotation. With FaxTalk fax software, you have all the tools needed to manage your fax communications quickly, efficiently and easily. A FaxTalk product enters EOL status on the date of the release of the next major release of the software or the announcement of the discontinuation of the product.

Transmit faxes faster and more reliably with support for V.

To configure Modem with FaxTalk Messenger Pro

Don’t rely on other inferior fax software products for your important fax communications, get the only reliable and simple fax solution you need to send and receive faxes from Windows. FaxTalk also includes the ability to import your old fax logs and phonebooks to make the transition to the new software even easier. The only mldem that are not included are your telephone service and any long distance or other fees that not included in your calling plan.

Access Microsoft Outlook contacts or Windows Contacts directly when sending faxes.

Many of the standard fax operations you perform in WinFax PRO are also performed in the same manner in the FaxTalk so you spend less time having to re-learn how to use your fax software. The FaxTalk Reseller program is designed for resellers who wish faxtakl provide their customers with advanced, easy-to-use Windows fax software and voice mail solutions. Send high quality color, grayscale or black and white faxes from Windows applications or color scanner quickly and easily.


Have any additional questions? Yes, we currently ship to many areas around the world.

An optional add-on for Microsoft Word also allows you to use powerful mail merge capabilities for faxing directly from Microsoft Word. FaxTalk also includes Caller ID and Distinctive Ring support for telephone lines equipped with this optional service from your phone company. Our network of resellers recommend and install FaxTalk software for their customers throughout the world.

Configure Modem with FaxTalk

We also suggest checking with the manufacturer of your device for the terms of service before using these devices for broadcast faxing. Record custom greetings for each mailbox.

All from your Windows computer, a fax modem and your existing telephone or dedicated fax line. You can have Caller ID Name and Number information moddm on incoming calls and the software will store the Caller ID information with received faxes for easy identification of the caller.