Hey guys, I have a weird problem. Immediatly disconnected windows the drives from the system never to be seen again in diskmanagement aswell as in device management. FTW3 Logo peel off. I have the same issues The only thing i have done ist to stop update service from Windows 10 and stay on Windows 10 Version Build But I’m sure the update will sneak back in.

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My data is backed up but if I restore to a single drive, I fear that the bit operating system may fail to duel-boot under Windows But I’m still on Win10 not My motherboard is the i SLI with: Therefore if one drive went down, the information is still stored on another disk using parity. Please remember to mark the replies as an answers if they help and unmark them if they provide no slo. So I rolled back to a restore point, it snuck back.

User Control Panel Log out. The reason mentioned above will be used.

What I’ve done for now is hide the update with the tool referenced above. FTW3 Logo peel off. I need the dual boot configuration and older OS to use bit hardware flatbed scanner that will not work under Windows I’ve rebooted three times now and the drive is still there Now after a good day of troubleshooting I tried my old Windows 8 installation disk. Since you have hot swappable drives, you could pull out the bad drive, plug in a new one and the system is back to its normal state.


Hopefully we get some kind of fix from Microsoft, but for now I’m stuck. I guess it will disappear again as soon as the update is installed again though.

Raid setup EVGA 780i sli MOBO

Saturday, August 20, 6: Saturday, August 20, 7: Supernova G2 W dying? New support for 3-way SLI technology provides up to 2. Could use a little help. I have a raid 0 for some extra speed and the array or any array I build doesnt get reconized.

Zitat von Mankxp im Beitrag 5 so both drives will be formatted radi formation of the array? I have the same issues The only thing i have done ist to stop update service from Windows 10 and stay on Windows 10 Version Build Sunday, August 14, As others have pointed out, uninstalling that update brought my RAID disk back.

NVIDIA nForce i SLI review – XFX – Page 4 – SLI memory, RAID

The problem seems to be KB and according to support guy Microsoft is already aware of it?! What version of Windows 7 64 are u going to use? What do you guys think, does that mean I cannot install any future updates?


It would have been nice if Win 10 told me that when I was getting messaged every other day to upgrade to it. It sounds like Nvidia is doing nothing s,i saying their product isn’t compatible with Win It is not only a digitally driver signing problem Windows 10 is rejecting Nforce raid in the device manager, perhabs because of having problems with that hardware under some circumstances.

Obviously you can manage memory timings and everything related to it manually as well.

I’ve had some succes blocking the update until 3 days ago. Same goes for windows 10 v The only thing you can do at the moment is to stay on that build with that number or to destroy the raid and go onto ahci but this could be no solution for svga i think