Cadmium damages the nervous system and is toxic in high doses. Proper adjustment is when the effect of red and blue tinges are minimized. Change the resolution or the refresh rate to another setting. Allow 30 minutes for the monitor to stabilize. It is not a defect, but rather an interference phenomenon caused by the relationship between the phosphor layout and the imaging signal. White is usually produced by adding the same amount of all three colors, where black is usually produced by adding no color. The connection is made through the BNC inputs.

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Refer to the graphics board manual for information.

Problems Problems caused by incorrectly setting of the termination switch. You do not have to print the entire manual Eizo T57S but the selected pages only. Your choice has provided you with a product developed for professional use. The aperture grille itself is a grid of taut metal filaments that spans the entire screen from top to bottom. Note that the image vibrates slightly while degaussing is in progress, but will return to normal when degaussing is completed.

Eizo T57S Computer Monitor User Manual

At the first scanning, the guns draw every other horizontal line. Spillage into the cabinet may result in ezio, electric shock, or equipment damage.


The separately bound ‘Quick Setup Guide’ explains how to install your monitor, and how to implement basic adjustments with the ScreenManager utility. The monitor detects these signals from the graphics board and executes power-saving accordingly, as illustrated below. Monitor setting for matching the PC: Clean the cabinet and CRT areas as follows.

In order to properly adjust convergence, it is best to have an image that makes it easy to see any t577s. Brightness uniformly adjusts the amount of light output for the entire screen and its background.

Then connect the monitor to the PC, using a signal cable equipped with BNC connectors at the monitor side. Color temperature is a method to measure the white color tone, generally indicated in degrees Kelvin. Geometry, Tilt, Bright Uniformity Image distortion, tilt.

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Before adjusting the Cutoff, it is best to display a screen wit. Below you will find a brief summary of the environmental requirements met by this product. Brightness, Contrast, Size, Position These functions are used to adjust the brightness, contrast, size and position of the screen.

Page of 48 Go. Please contact EIZO dealers for more information.

Eizo T57S User Manual

Since the monitor comes with a t75s D-Sub cable, the default priority setting is set to D-Sub. Eizo T57S user manual. If the settings are not saved, all adjustments will be lost. If a problem persists even after applying the suggested remedies, contact an EIZO dealer.


Page 47 of Eizo Computer Monitor T57S User Guide |

This is not a problem. Refer to the manual of the graphics board. Adjust the horizontal and vertical dimensions of the display area as necessar. Try tapping the side of the display lightly to help expedite realignment. There are three settings available: If so, move the device or move the monitor. Their purpose is to prevent, or at least to delay the spread of fire.

At high temperatures t57d white tone appears somewhat blue, while at lower temperatures it appears somewhat red. For more information about how to adjust each of them, please refer to the ‘Quick Setup Guide’, page 8. Please find the details of the color mode adjustment capabilities below: Color problems 1 The entire screen appears bluish or reddish.