When the screen is turned on the power LED glows a subtle white colour, and it pulsates on and off in the same white colour when the screen is in standby. It is a little odd however that Dell have not made the two available together. Adjustable color settings include saturation and hue as well as gain and offset, using the Custom Color function. Approximate diagonal size of the display. The Dell manual states: We first of all reverted to the ‘custom color’ mode in the preset section of the OSD menu. A decent performance really if you did need to run outside of native resolution for whatever reason.

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You need to have a full bit end to end workflow to take advantage of it which is still quite expensive to achieve and rare in the market, certainly for your average user. Screen coating – The new U has a light AG coating and so does not suffer from a dirty, grainy appearance that the heavy AG coating on the U can bring. This for us justifies the existence of the hardware calibration feature on the U A year veteran of PC Magazine’s Labs most recently as Director 3u014 OperationsJohn was responsible for the recruitment, training and management of t This showed very low levels of motion blur, but some dark overshoot was ddll as a side-effect.

Often easy to re-create by leaving 3u014 white window on a black background for a fair amount of time, and then switching to a grey background where an after-image was left.

Dell UltraSharp U3014

Default setup of the screen felt too bright which is pretty standard for modern screens but can be easily controlled of course via the brightness control. My last simple 19″ Acer is still working after 7 years and no one can touch the quality of Ultrasharps’.

I’m sure consumers will argue they should not need to buy a new colorimeter to use with this screen and that other devices should dsll compatible.


It’s important to first of all understand the different methods available and also what this lag means to you as an end-user. With a calibrator you can of course obtain even more accurate setups, including more accurate Adobe RGB u30144 sRGB colour space emulation, which is great news.

The input source quick launch gives you access to the video inputs as above. The preset modes listed here are the same as those accessed via the quick launch menu. However, that is very easily controlled through delll brightness setting on most screens and should not impact the other areas being measured anyway.

” Dell UltraSharp U – Specifications

The software is lacking any kind of reporting feature which is a shame so you just have to trust that the targets have been achieved, or find some other software which will allow you to validate the results. This is also reflected in the quoted 12ms G2G response time spec in fact.

We’ve already concluded in the previous section that we feel the U is a worthy successor to the U The CIE diagram on the left of the image confirms that the monitors colour gamut black triangle extends considerably beyond the sRGB colour space orange triangleespecially in green shades. Below is a summary of the features and connections of the u30114 Even then they often struggle to hit h3014 full sRGB colorspace, making LED backlighting more about cabinet looks, and possibly energy use, than about performance.

Heat output is minimal, and there is no warmup time The panel is framed by thin 0.

Default setup of the U in the non-factory calibrated “standard” mode was reasonable really. As you will see from the next sectionit also has a very positive impact on input lag.

Dell U3014 LCD Review

The image quality depends directly on the type of the display panel used. There is actually a very wide range of controls here if you need them for gain, offset, hue and saturation, allowing the user to make finite adjustments where necessary. It was pretty stable across the adjustment range with some small deviations at the lower end of the brightness scale.


Testing the screen with various colour gradients showed mostly very smooth transitions. When comparing the default factory settings for each monitor it is important to take into account several measurement areas – gamma, white point and colour accuracy. The support of wide gamut is great if you have u30114 practical use for it and are working with wide gamut content or want to match the Adobe RGB space properly.

Xell the hardware calibration in this mode we can see that the monitors native colour space has been reduced a little, and actually now more closely matches the Adobe RGB reference than the factory calibrated Adobe RGB preset which was good news.

Dell U LED LCD Monitor | eBay

This was worse than we’d seen from the UH and U as well where the RTC error was not as extreme, but still pretty significant. If you’re viewing content which constantly changes then the DCR might not be able to keep up or change enough to make it worth-while. Those who suffer from eye fatigue or headaches y3014 with flickering backlights probably shouldn’t need to worry with a frequency this high, but if you are particularly bothered by it you need to be aware it is used here.

Out of the box the luminance was too high and so you will want to turn this down a fair amount to obtain a setting comfortable to you in your lighting conditions. The pixel pitch shows the distance from the centers of two neighboring pixels.