RSLinx sends out a broadcast which every address should respond to. The time now is Add your devices IP address as required. Thanks Ken, I’m by no means an expert at this. Find More Posts by Earthscape. Yes it is a remote subnet.

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Ethernet communications is usually the preferred method in Industry, but you must use caution to prevent someone from the outside from accessing your system.

May 23rd, Help me understand something about your system.

Configuring ETHIP driver using RSLinx [Text] – – Interactive Q & A

Your email address will not be published. If you are using a host file or DNS serveryou can enter the host names instead of the IP addresses.

I hate to make any changes that differ that much from my other PC’s because all of this is live of course, i do not want to shut the plant down or loose program files. Use the PING command at your command prompt to verify physical connectivity. I feel like a may have a version issue with RSLinx. Ken we actually have a server that i guess kind of acts as the router.

The term ‘remote subnet’ is causing a little confusion as well. Welcome to the Forum, by the way. It’s also possible that something in your IP network is preventing the broadcast from working correctly. Is it really a remote subnet? Twitter Reddit Digg del.


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Anyway I found out that the servers did not get started back in the right sequence, but they were able to get everything running.

If you can ping the device, but RSLinx does not recognize the device, chances are that RSLinx is not configured properly. I agree it’s very difficult to come in behind somebody else and figure out whether an unusual configuration is a mistake, or if it’s actually a specific setting that keeps etherent whole factory running.

Thanks Ken, I’m by no means an expert vonfiguring this. XXX Ethernet card 2. Here is the procedure I follow when I have to access a clients remote site. This can happen after a dns hosts file is created and so things that should not work, will go ahead and keep working for a while.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. When I go into RSWho and browse nodes it never finds anything. Ken I did tracert and everything looks fine with my routing connection. If this were my system, I would be using Wireshark to determine if the browse packets are getting onto the network; you’re looking for the CIP ‘List Identity’ service.


If it is, most likely, you have a switch somewhere that isn’t passing the EIP traffic, or forwarding the pp requests. If IP directed broadcast or any other broadcast service was disabled on my router none of my computers would be able to browse any of the subnets thus everything would not be working.


Earthscape is thinking of it in terms of a network that is accessible only by browsing from one network module to another across a ControlLogix backplane. Pretty much create a duplicate. I’ve been working on this for several days.

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Help me understand something about your system. The time now is Try doing a ‘tracert’ instead of PING to determine pp there’s really a router involved.