The file with track data should contain an ISO or Rock Ridge filesystem image see mkisofs for more details. Cdrecord knows if a CD-Recorder needs audio data in big- or little-endian order, and corrects the byte order of the data stream to match the needs of the recorder. Cdrecord runs at priority 59 on Solaris, you should run mkisofs at no more than priority Scsibus , target and lun are integer numbers. You need to log in to change this bug’s status.

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If you like to verify this, you could use the original cdrecord and write the cd in -raw96r mode which makes the write process invisible for hald. The sixth line is the error text for the sense code and the sense qual- ifier if available. Note that the image must be mirrored to be readable from the pick up side of the CD. The difference between this week and last week is that I installed a bunch of extra stuff to be able to convert an AVI to an MP4 to load on a friend’s Ipod.

In all other cases, cdrecord will only work correctly if the audio data stream does not have any header.

Using this option tells the drive to read any media as fast as possible. If the command runs correctly with a raised command timeout, please report the bet- ter timeout value and the corresponding command to the author of the program.


This option also implements some tricks that will allow you to blank bad CD-RW disks. Continuing in 5 seconds Philips need to eject the medium before creating a new disk.

The time now is Cdrecord now checks this and aborts before starting to write. View all comments or add a comment. FireMan jbade85 on BUGS Cdrecord has even more options than ls. Join our community today!

Looks like your using “Supermount” Device was not specified. Using -V or -VV slows down the process and may be the reason for a buffer underrun.

Make sure you are root. Be very careful as this may cause the media to break in the drive while reading, cdfecord in a damaged media and drive!

FreeBSD Manual Pages

My method above for replacing wodim with cdrecord seemed to work, but I am still unable to burn. So it seems as is the old drive might have had some dust inside the drive, causing this error. As this is imple- mented as a variant of the Session at Once write mode, it will only work if you select SAO write mode and there is no need to turn it off.

If you need more than 8 MB to write a CD at a speed less cdrecorf 20x from an image on a local file system on an idle machine, your machine is either underpowered, has cdrecoord prob- lems or is mis-configured.


Bug # “I can’t write a cd” : Bugs : brasero package : Ubuntu

I’m interested to know anyone’s results with libburn. Version-Release number of selected component if applicable: That’s when I googled the error that K3b succcess.cannot me.

Any of the resent updates causing this? Some of these disks become usable if only the information from the first session is used. If -isosize is used for a track, cdrecord will automatically add padding for this track as if the -pad option has been used but the amount of siccess.cannot may be less than the padding written by mkisofs. BURN-Free was never needed. After my upgrade from feisty to gutsy on my imac g3I tried to burn a cd with k3b tried normal and clone mode and gnomebaker, which didn’t work.

wodim: Cannot open SCSI driver!

If your CPU is too slow, this may result in buffer underruns. How- ever, if the data format includes a header, you will hear a click at the start of a track. JPT j-p-t wrote on K3B was working beautifully until this week.