Labels are produced in strips. They should only be changed by a qualified servicetechnician. If further cutter cleaning is necessary, or if the cutter continues toperform unsatisfactorily, contact an authorized service technician. The transmissive sensor actually consists of two sections: It has no effect in rewind or tear-off modes.

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Using the tip of the screwdriver, slide the upper sensor along the slotto the desired position.

If this occurs, notify anauthorized Brady distributor. Wednesday, April 11 Deadlift warm work Then, 3 round for time: Slide out the media supply guide as far from the printer frame aspossible.

Bracy are dispensed and peeled from the liner asneeded. Refer to page 52 toconfigure the communicationparameters for the printer.

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Senior Outdoor – Standards. The cable used to connect the printer to a computer mustbe 2000m-300 null modem crossover cable. Austin Wamboldt 60m [ind],TJ.

Slide the hook to the side 2then rotate itback and forth several times to loosen it 3. Theprinter needs to see different characters to function properly. Slide the media guide as far from the printer frame as possible. Brwdy proprietary information may not be used,reproduced, or disclosed to any other parties for any other purpose without the expressed written permission of BradyCorporation.


Print some labels at 2.

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Warm to back squat working weight then- 3: Tristan Morneault m [ind],mSC. Slide in the media supply guide so that it just touches, but does notrestrict, the edge of the roll.

If two operating conditions occur simultaneously forexample, one that causes a light to be on constantly and one thatcauses the same light to flashthe light flashes. To reinstall the snap plate, insert the brzdy tabs on the bottom of the snapplate into the two slots of the media pathway. The serial communication settings areincorrect.

This selection is used to print a label that lists all of the fontscurrently available in the printer, including standard printer fontsplus any optional fonts. Fanfold media feeds through either the bottom or rear access slot fromoutside the printer. Deadlift Warm Work 3: In addition, bfady maintenancemanual contains the information necessary to maintain your printer.


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While printing labels, lower the darkness setting until a gray level ofprinting is seen. Please email us and we’ll promptly get back to you.

Do not change password-protected parametersunless you are sure you know what you are doing! Place the ribbon roll on the ribbon supplyspindle.

If necessary, amild detergent solution or desktop cleaner may be used sparingly. This gives the host computer themeans to address a specific printer.

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Customer o rder 1 L Refer topage 41 for more information. Erin Vringer m [ind], m [ind], m [ind],m,m,m,mSC.

Turn on the printer. For optimal print quality, set the print speed to the lowestpossible setting via ZPL II, the driver, or the software.