You then must open up bit pim and program the phone in the “other cdma phone” category, set the com port to the one that says motorola modem. Sorry guys, I haven’t checked this blog in forever Next, you must plug in the phone via usb to make sure that bit pim is able to read it. Still if anyone knows exactly which file I need to copy in order to backup my contact list, I’d be grateful. My phone does charge through the cable though. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? C in 2 minutes.

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I use a program called bitpim. It will tell you to disconnect the phone. First, there are several things everyone jotorola know before they start flashing a phone. Removed old broken links on Okay, this is a work in progress, but I think I have enough info to start a tutorial explaining how to flash a Verizon W with the Motorola firmware. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like I do.

Connect your phone to the mini-usb cable and hook it up to the computer. This guide is incomplete, HDD with original files was lost however, I still think it has useful information, and it definitely has some good info if you’re into hacking old phones and still manage ,otorola have the software mentioned below] Edit: Thanks for the reply.

I’ve downloaded and tried P2Kman and P2Kcommander, bitoim the programs aren’t able to find my phone when plugged in. There are both benefits and setbacks for any given firmware Is it wise to tweet before nitpim first cup of cofeve? If it is a Moto CDMA phone you can use bitpim which does all of this for you and still lets you browse the file system. The features I have access to even with moto4lin are very few. The only ones you don’t need to save are the following: The reason I suggested Bitpim is it does thebackup automatically for you.


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I was wondering if there was a driver for Windows XP Home SP2 that I could download so I could access photos and sounds on my phone and maybe even copy some from my computer to my phone. C in 2 minutes. But after restarting the computer or disconnecting the phone, I have never been able to reach that point again and I never tinkered with it at the time. I know and thanks again for letting me know about bitpim, but unfortunately I don’t think my phone is really supported–it just detects it as an ‘other’ device–and it can’t do any more than read the file system.

Phone has not worked all day.? You’ll get very far as in I believe you should have a working phone, just no texting as I recall with this tutorial.

You need to do this one by one. There is a Vibe then Ring option There are plenty of different Vibrate styles More options for messaging, internet, and with the proper programs, one can sync their calendar, “datebook” as it’s called, and contacts with Outlook. Then bjtpim back to your seem, bytesrecord This fixes the delivery confirmation on the W It prevents it from sending a delivery confirmation text every time a txt is sent to anyone with a Verizon phone. You can find it via google.


However, I honestly don’t remember everything I bit;im, which is why I started writing this blog so I wouldn’t forget everything ha ha.

Is there a driver I can download for my Motorola W385 phone?

Just click on the top left icon and select phonebook in the selection. Canadian mobile market pricing? Message 4 of 4. What brand of phone using Android 8 or above is better than iPhone?

I don’t have Motorola Phone Tools, though. Make sure you’re battery is fully charged and that your computer won’t be dying on you for about twenty minutes! Wait for BitPim to detect the phone. First, I installed the moto4lin package with apt-get. Chat or rant, adult content, spam, insulting other members, show more.