Database names are used as table: Order Custom Work The Collect! Please click this link to send us your comments: Users Newsletter November 21, Collect! Was this page helpful?

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RDMi TM exploits network model sets for optimal join processing, and make use of keys for more efficient filters and ordering. You need to add an entry for the RDS2 data source. This may happen if RDM Server drivers were previously installed on the same machine.

ITTIA Introduces RDMi, an ODBC Driver for RDM

You should see a message “Support added” when you execute this command. The company provides rm access for businesses that need critical information immediately, from traditional PCs, Web clients and emerging mobile devices.

For companies offering RDM-based solutions, this openness increases an application’s value, securing new customers and increasing revenue. For more information, please visit www. Enter a new Data Source Name: To do this, it is necessary to add a Data Source for the birestep Server.


Velocis (ODBC 3.x)

This creates a data source for RDS. It is not necessary to rename the second server in the rdmserver. Lite Overview Requirements Pricing Collect! bircstep

Was this page helpful? Troubleshooting If birdsteep cannot connect after adding an ODBC data source, the issue may be a “stale” setting in the registry.

When customers demand open access to the application data, there is no need to switch database managers or implement a replication scheme. ITTIA experts offer experience with various embedded databases and provide odbd including database design, application development, performance optimization and tuning, design reviews and mobile platform selection. It does not affect your ODBC connectivity.

List of ODBC drivers and vendors

We will use RDS2 for the server name. Database names are used as table: Home Contact Terms of use Privacy policy.

We use [-a] for the options. RDM is a proven, fast and flexible database management system. Order Custom Work The Collect!

Please substitute a complete and correct path for “serverpath”. Founded in FebruaryITTIA provides solutions for embedded data management, information mobilization, and data integration.


After this, you would proceed as above to configure the connect. You may want to be able to access an additional Data Source and an additional Server from the same client station. Enter a new Server name: The steps involved are: Our technicians are on 3 continents to better serve world-wide needs in any timezone.

Can we make it better? Enter the same Description: What is important is that an entry that matches the Data Source Administrator is entered in the client station’s connect. Users Newsletter September 25, You may need to actually open the registry and view the settings for the RDM Server entry in the Software section.