Just my two cents Edit: He told me I’d have to mail it in. I’ll bet you that if they do it at all, they do it like I did, and hope you don’t notice the minor damage. Flip the netbook over, remove the rubber pad covering the screw, and remove the screw holding the access panel shut. This guy started a revolution with regard to hybrid graphics cards.

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It also suggests a fix for the “audio line out not working” problem you might get sporadically.

Disassembling the Asus n If Asus doesn’t want you to have that information, I do. Boy was I ever wrong! It’s not that the jack came loose from the motherboard, it’s that the 1251n pin, which is only 0.

November 16th, 4. I bent a very thick piece of copper ,inux in ree right shape to touch all the pins at once, and tinned it with solder. Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct. Hoped to get a Linux netbook.

Furthermore, it’s sad if the only reason this setup exists is because of political issues between Intel and NVidia. Okay, I say, please give me instructions on how to disassemble the device so I can remove the hard drive.


I just noticed that NVidia released new display drivers for Linux 32bit on Most things work perfectly right away including wireless with broadcom driver.

I’m so glad I bought my daughter the n so we don’t have to deal with this stupid crap. Graphics are fine with the noveau driver, but no 3d.

This caused heat to be applied to all the pins relatively evenly, so they all desoldered at once.

Eee PC 1215N with Ubuntu Netbook Edition

How do I do it? Until then, stick with the default Intel video system. Figured that Asus, the company that invented the Linux netbook, would be a good pick. He explained that it was not possible to send me the part.

Asus EEE PC 1215n Linux Writeup

I wonder if Asus even has a single full-time Linux person. Ubuntu Netbook Edition is a Linux distribution derived from Debian, with a new interface named “Unity.

How do you like Ubuntu Netbook Remix? Sign up using Email and Password.

Maybe I should call this kind of bigotry OSism along the llnux of sexism and racism. For this reason, I’m in the market for a new laptop. I’d love to be able to switch over to the less powerful graphics card so my battery doesn’t get drained.


eeepc – Nvidia Ion Asus Eee PC Seashell series n and Optimus – Ask Ubuntu

It is equipped with the Pine Trail 1. Note that the list of supported GPU products is provided to indicate which GPUs are supported by a particular driver version.

I pinux tell when it is on since my TV shows a blank screen instead of “check display cable”. The time now is Therefore, I have a link to three scripts you might need: I went to Atheros’s web site, got the latest Linux driver source, and tried to compile. In other words, what kinux keeping Asus from assigning any dev talent to this?

Has anybody tried enabling the nVidia drivers with any success? Lightdm is working now.