Open this to insert material and the ribbon. Facing outside Facing outside is the default setting. F Material strain relief Allows the label material to unroll evenly. This can be used to change the rotational direction again. Selecting a print job stored on a CF card e. With this option, the printer is able to internally wind up the printed material. Labels and foils can be changed very easily, since the material feed opens at the side.

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This is where the labels are separated from the backing paper. A Ribbon unwinding mandrel: Having someone else help you with this will also make it easier!

Connect the mains cable [12A] to the mains connector at the printer.

Printer Drivers European | Avery Dennison

Moves back one step in Parameters menu or quits the menu. Shopping Options Manufacturer Avery 6. A Control panel LCD screen; 4 buttons; displays operating status of printer; allows parameter menu settings. Have a second person keep hold of the box while you remove the printer. To do this, you first have to remove the plastic cover. Connect the printer and computer or printer and network using suitable data cable example: The label ap5.4 is wound forward by the distance between the punch sensor and the printhead 70 mm.


Avery AP Thermal Barcode Printer

However, functionality is strongly dependent on the choice of software. Besides standard Avery printers we can custom configure and ship your Avery printer with many other options.

Easy-Plug is a special command language for formulating print jobs. A wide range of accessories: In cases like these, the basic initialisation settings can be changed. All product names, logos, and brands are property of their respective owners.

B Button Functions General: Press Enter to confirm your setting. For really versatile applications Compatible: Selecting a print job stored on a CF card e.

How to set parameters: Simple operation and straightforward operating controls make it easy to work with the AP 5. The pull force is either regulated automatically using default parameters, or it can be set manually.

Printer Drivers European

Processing printeer the print job then commences at the print speed set on the printer or by the print job. Using poor quality auxiliary equipment can damage the printer.


Contacting electrically live components can cause potentially lethal electrical shocks and burns. Optional Connection for a treadle switch signal starts the printer or a stacker signal stops the printer.

Remove the card fully from the slot. Status No punch detected The messages see above e.

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F Material strain relief: Using this parameter, you can change the direction of rotation. Application B The label should be printed and dispensed after receiving a signal from the connected foot switch. Inserting the SD card: Windows printer driver There are different printer drivers available prinnter the various versions of Windows.

For more on the listed parameters, see Info Printouts and Parameters. The printer processes the print job as soon as it is in online mode.