Answered on Dec 01, It takes a lot of time for the print head to scan across the page and deliver ink. Color laser printers deliver great color, but they are expensive. Answered on Jan 27, Alps MD Computer Printers. The printer is able to size the pixel into three perfectly shaped dots, accurately registered. Alps Thermal Printer Ink Cartridges.

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Many people are trying to unload Alps printers with defective print heads. Lighter shades are created by leaving dots of unprinted white. You can use any paper with a micro-dry printer.

Well, when it came to the Alps, it was a comedy of errors. Dye sub inks md5000 smear-proof and waterproof; Dye sub inks are no-dot, continuous tone; Standard Micro Dry inks are fade-proof, waterproof, apls smear-proof; White inks are available for a wide variety of applications; Metallic inks are available for greeting cards, business cards and other applications; Gold and silver foil inks are available for greeting cards, business cards and other applications; Alps offers a special dye sub paper suitable for photo mug, plates, and tiles; Photographic dye sub mode offers continuous-tone photographic output; Photo-quality print mode offers dpi glossy output on plain paper; Easy to accomplish back-to-back printing is standard; Install up to 7 different ribbon cartridges at one time; Reusable Finish ink is available for extended ribbon life use up to 5 times ; Reusable EconoBlack ink is available for extended ribbon life and inexpensive black-text printing use up to 20 times.


Alps MD5000

Computer users vary when it comes to liking printed material. The text was clear, the colors were sharp and vivid, even on just laser paper such as Hammermill.

Answered on Nov 29, They are also good for general office work where you want an inexpensive printer that can handle volume. Well, with the Alps this doesn’t happen.

I tested the printer against a variety of laser and inkjet printers. Epson C88 is a inkjet, if that printout gets wet the ink runs! After a week of store errors, wrong switch boxes and cables, dealing with a printer that matched Greta Garbo in its “I want to be alone” stance, I was so frustrated, I didn’t even test it for another few weeks.

Follow the steps below to perform the print head check. The cheaper models printed only smaller pages.

Alps MD-5000 Standard Thermal Printer

Some low-end color inkjet printers save the cost of a black ink print head by using equal portions of magenta, yellow, and cyan to produce black. Until now, a full-page dye sublimation printer has been to expensive for most people. Interface Required Connector Type. Media Feeder Max Format. For dye sublimation printing, you use a different set of ribbons. I had problems with setting up the printer as I had a variety of other peripherals attached to the computer and the Alps can be finicky if you are using other printers.

You can even transfer these photos to other items such as mugs. You didn’t have to go to the trouble to print out a page manual. There is a wide range of ink cartridges you can use, such as the standard CMYK colors as well as metallic colors; high shine foil gold and silver; and even white for printing on dark paper.


Dithering is more apparent on inkjets Inkjet Printers –Inkjet printers spray ink through tiny jets, or nozzles, onto the paper. There are a variety of ribbons, and papers settings that might seem confusing to a very beginner. The MD is actually two printers in one.

Alps MD Overview – CNET

This is not just a complaint I have about this printer or device. Start,control panel,dvices and printers. Md000 harder, less absorbable paper, such as paper with a glossy surface, helps kd5000 ink migration, but the ink might take a few minutes to dry.

This printer is nice for printing photographs Epson C88 is a inkjet, if that printout gets wet the alp runs!

Compared to the large and bulky inkjets and laser printers on the market, the MD is a compact printer that will not take up much room on a desktop. There are two manuals that come with the printer. A sweet deal on a Qi charger for the car.

Laser printers produce great looking and crisp text, but are not noted for the quality of printed photographs as they are not continuous tone printers.