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High Quality audio circuit design AK Series provide high quality recording sound with low noise, low attenuation, high-sensitivity circuit.

Audio Cable Percon AK 32 MIC

Windows has drivers natively for Crickey Bev that’s efficient! Introducing brand new Artech AK series. Thanks for the offer to help, Confus.

Never, ever approach a computer saying or even thinking “I will just do this quickly. Only the authorized user can retrieve the archives with client program. Standard rack case provides you the convenience for both mounting in rack cell or just place in desk — whichever is perfect for your requirements.

Recording file encryption All recording files are encrypted for security purpose. I’ve come to realize that the AK32 has no onboard video or modem? Google has been unable to find a download of the original drivers yes Thanks again for your help! Various search conditions Recording file can be searched with multiple search options including date, time, duration, channel, phone number, call index number.


My ex-husband was an avid PC builder and I’m starting to think maybe I’m getting in over my head.

Results 1 to 15 of 15 Thread: Posts 13, Originally Posted by NooNoo People moan, they update them often – so eventually they sort it out. User can press pre-defined hotkey prior call ends to save current conversation.

Last edited by NooNoo; September 21st, at Just post the details and we can help you track down what you need. Does that mean it’s using auxio driver that came with Windows XP?

Somehow my son managed to lose all of the driver disks and now I have to find drivers for his modem, video card, CD burner, and goddess knows what else I’ve Googled the heck out of it, but it seems to be a sporadic thing. Flexible Expansion Each AK32 voice logging unit can be expanded from 8 channels to 32 channels by adding extra recording cards.

Look at the front panel of the AK voice logger, you can see a 5 inch colored touch screen. The new central managing software allows the administrator to manage multi devices on different sites simultaneously.


When the space is full, AK can do loop recording. The immunise function on spybot is also great – it prevents installation of over known net nasties. The system has built-in hard drive which allows all-day recording without turning the PC. I have already downloaded the Via Retro drivers that Confus recommended. Somehow my son managed to lose all of the driver disks and now I have to find drivers for his modem, video card, CD burner, and goddess knows what else.

For space’ sake I only pasted the system info. It allows programmes and drivers written with. Otherwise, the data is not playable by unauthorized access.

Genuine Acer Ak32 S Rev Front I/o USB & Audio Panel Aspire T | eBay

AK is expandable up to 4 cards, can handle max. More am32, more capacity, more reliability and more simplicity. The new SP2 Full Install seems pretty bug-free!