Richard Sharp is the founder of gadgetsandgizmos. Have the advent , overall I am happy with the computer. This website uses cookies to improve user experience, provide social media features, and to pay referrers as described in the Cookie Policy. Dan February 12, at Could somebody please tell what grahics card is used in this laptop?

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My webcam works in MSN messenger but what do you have to do to get the webcam to work normally? This thing has been well looked after, and after having a quote to get it fixed, well i dont call quid for a new board reasonable. Any help would be appreciated. Tony 95517 January 21, at 9: You also have the ability to create a recovery DVD which is recommended on all machines. It seems i need to have mines plugged in all the time. PAUL May 2, at 2: Fozzee January 22, at 8: PSA is an authorised 2-Power distributor.

That could be important for some of you. The laptop advejt have been supplied with a Utility CD which contains a copy advennt the user manual and all the drivers.


What is the webcam like on the advent ? I only paid quid for this amazing machine — great! Kurt Adent 28, at Gonna take mine to back to PC world an get a free mic as well. Larinzo August 15, at 4: There is an integrated mic that works in messenger but I can not find software to get the mic to work independently or in any other programs.

I bought an Advent although quick and clear I am disappointed that it does not have an integrated mic. Hi Tony, It depends on which program you are trying to use the webcam in? Guaranteed to meet or exceed the original manufacturer’s specifications for the Internal Battery.

Hardly ever been used, I brought it my parents and everytime you switch the button to turn the thing on, it makes a funny noise and switches itself off….

Advent Battery (6 Cells)

Richard August 15, at 4: Sinead August 31, at 6: Richard January 21, at 3: How long should the computer run from fully charged? Should your Windows develop serious errors or fail to start, you can restore your computer back to factory settings by using the hard drive recovery located on a hidden aadvent on the hard drive.


Oh yeah any who decided to put the speaker out jack point on the front — this is a minor bug though — just have to arrange your left a little better when typing.

Richard January 20, at Janet January 24, at 7: According to the user manual the has a 2GB maximum though some memory upgrade sites say its compatible with 2GB modules which in theory would make the maximum 4GB. Can you tell me which one?

Advent 9517 Laptop

Also there is a new advent now, are you buying new? Dan February 12, at All major cards accepted.

I Agree Learn More. Guysdid you have any luck setting up the cam to work on MSN?