Now the scary part: If i skip F6 stage, it tells me it cant fint any HDD’s to install onto. Until another reboot after reinstalling some applications i. Unless you have a good reason to do otherwise, use the VIA ports – dont have a SATA drive myself but I do know that you have to load the drivers from floppy before you can use it. It will transfer the necessary files to your floppy disk.

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The sata drive is not picked up in the bios.

Help!, my new Asus A8V won’t recognize my 1 SATA drive

Update the MB Bios to latest version. I have a WD 74 gig 10, rpm sata hard drive.

Yes, my password is: This brings me to my next dilemma, where can i sataa what sata drives it detects?! I press enter and the floppy drive sort of makes a noise but then doesnt continue, then i just get the same message as above. Everything works great — no problems. Mon Nov 01, 8: My goal was to install XP on the new drive.


Nov 8, at 7: It’s done it more than once, why does it change it’s ‘mind’? I think you have a bum drive. I don’t boot from that drive, but I had no problem getting it going.

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Aug 5, 2. Place a disk in your floppy drive. Thank you for posting this information. Moving to a different mainboard was probably not appreciated by Windows. Aug 5, 9. Thanks a millions for the information. So my friend is bringing it over during lunch, and i’m going to attempt to update the bios, but i’m not sure that will even help.

Each BIOS produces a different error message or code as a result, but all basically indicate that an expected drive did not respond.

I really hope this is just a setting in the bios that i’m missing, and not a physical problem Thanks for your time. Woah, I’ve never had that problem happen on mine. You are losing out on amazing benefits because you are not a member.


Fri Nov 05, 7: BombThePeer Banned May 19, Yes, my password is: As Windows is first setting up, at the first blue screen hit the [F6] key to load a third party mass storage driver. Time and Time Again.

A8V Deluxe SATA boot problem | [H]ard|Forum

What is the size of the new hard drive you want to install? Every time it sais to insert manufacturer setup disk. What is making the bios do this??? I’ll have to search for my old floppy drive and install the drivers on a reformat. Did you manage to fix this problem Eugene?

Now the process should proceeed to the xp install.

Let Windows run through all of its setup routines and updates.