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Unofficial Teletext applet for Voodoo3 TV.

Video Drivers

Phantom 64 V Model Win3. Posted October 19, SmithMicro CheckIt Diagnostics 7.

Matrox Millennium Windows 95 driver Rev. Please post the details of the cards you’d like supported in the driver packs, and provide links where you can. You can forget using cards like s3 trio’s and Savage 4 I think though, not sure why You would want winmw pair them up with a P4 if You did.

Board index All times are UTC. Edited September 24, by soporific. S3 Virge Windows NT 3. Windows Display Drivers Library Disk 1. Return to General Old Hardware.


Or sign in with one of these services Sign in with Facebook. Savage 3D Driver Collection. Latest News Feb 18, S3 Speed Up Version 3. S3 Savage Win 3. March version of Tseng drivers for Win 3. It wasn’t hard in the end, just a matter of adding a line to msbatch. Please disable ad-blocking software or set an exception for MSFN.

Savage Driver Collecton. The Performance is not as good as the MVP3 but it works rockstable. S3 Savage4 Win9x driver ver 8. By 63226May 23, in Windows 9x Member Projects. Boots from CD http: Maxi Gamer 3D Voodoo 1.

Sis drivers free download software for all devices

It should be fun for you to figure out what works and what not. Tseng Labs ET Win 3. Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition 9. They seem to have all gone to the digital heaven. I was originally going to make this for Win95 and WinME as well but then i looked at the amount of extra work it would involve and decided it was impossible.


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When Intel was consolidating its platform, part of endorsement of SiS as second option was to lay back the performance- stay one step behind with bus frequencies and so on. ProMotion Windows 3. For myself, I run two SiS motherboards: MCI Videodisc drivers for Windows 3.