This is with my main monitor Acer XBHU pluged in via a display port and the same result when I have only my old monitor plugged in – the samsung bw via the DVI port. My ti now only outputs a black screen with the mouse on it. Windows 10 Fixes – [ Uninstalled with DDU, restarted, installed If there’s any further information, I will update this thread.

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If you are on the older build e. The start of some GIFs have artefacts then it clears up. Click here to post a comment for this file on the message forum.

There is a huge post on GeForce forum about this here.

Has anyone experienced that? It shows for a split second then i try open it with keyboard windows key still wont open. I can’t exactly point from where driver I got this issue, but this new one is the same.

Nvidia GeForce Graphics Driver for Windows 10 Driver – TechSpot

Are you still getting BSOD? I just wish they’d stop pimping 3dvision on me all the time. You can download older versions of the driver from this page in case you didn’t know about it.


Khronikos Senior Member Posts: I was getting TDR errors 375.633 by nvidia drivers. For Battlefield 1 I couldn’t run Does that include Fallout 4?

This Driver is the Cause of the Folding Issue so that you know, and the reason for the Diver updates are to have them Game Ready for new games coming out not Monitors. My problem may actually had something to do with installing duet display prior to restarting.


But overall newer drivers are to provide more stable use of your Graphics Card for what ever you use it for. The latency practically non-existent now.

I spent all day trying to figure out what was causing the Windows 10 photo app to crash, and turns out it was Nvidia! Following suit as this fall’s major games hit the virtual store shelves, NVIDIA has packaged another bundle of Game Ready updates for the latest releases. Starting with last version of driver post, I have included select “Open Issues” in the post that I feel will impact most people.

Hell if I know. 35.63, I can’t even install the update. I am playing on this drivers and windows desktop working fine. If you want to give it another try nvidis can DDU the driver to ensure clean wipe and reinstall the driver.


GeForce Game Ready Driver

Google increase TDR timeout – I changed it to 10 seconds and it has behaved ever since. I’ll give it a go. Using my Mail app is crucial right now, I’m really getting fucked over by this driver. I even got a “IRQ less or not equal” or some such, able to move my mouse around while the screen went all flickery and 375.633 again like a card OC’d too far. Witcher29 Senior Member Posts: Gears of war 4 has started stuttering and losing frames after these drivers, worked fine after I updated a few days ago.

I’m running 54 with The driver’s purpose is not to resolve folding issue, but to resolve well known issues with certain monitor configurations. I was under the impression geforce would install the latest driver i. I was getting like fps in tribes: Is this a sign I should switch to the other side?